Office of the Future
Office of the Future
A "knowledge base" icon in Office of the Future (Jereme Haack)
What do you do when your office-mate decides to try out the latest in virtual reality? How does the flakiness in cutting-edge technology spell disaster? Office of the Future answers these questions.

Office of the Future was inspired by the new technologies and ideas found at a premier research organization. And yet, even after 2003 when the video was made, some stuff looks amusingly dated now. Check out the huge CRT monitor in the office! The video features special effects shots involving bluescreening, compositing, and sound work. Tools used to create the video include Alias Maya, Discreet 3ds max, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Commotion, and Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro. Funny, three of those tools aren't produced today.

Office of the Future
One office worker is immersed; the other isn't (Greg Gerson).
Special thanks to:
  • Greg Gerson, the office worker who gets annoyed by technology;
  • Jereme Haack, the one who does the flying around;
  • Mike Perkins, who created and rendered the 3D VR backgrounds in Maya; and
  • Jeff Lettau, for lights and sound recording.
  • Jake Nelson for hosting the video for many years until I found other arrangements.
You can see the video on YouTube, or access one of the movie files below:
   OFFUTURE_SMALL.WMV: (Windows Media File, 11 MB, 4 min.)
   OFFUTURE_LARGE.WMV: (Windows Media File, 21 MB, 4 min.)
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