Mel (Alan Turner) excitedly tells the office runner (David Spiel) about his Obnox Public Beta Preview #1 Gold CD.
Many people have done it: sign up for beta programs and test software for free. Mel (Alan Turner) is one of these, as he puts his job on the line to experience the latest beta release for Obnox/OS. After all, Office Today rated Obnox/OS as "this year's hottest new operating system." But, having lots of features isn't all that it's cracked up to be. If you have used the latest popular operating system or word-processing software, you'd probably be thinking, "Duh!"

Obnox/OS was inspired by new technologies found at a premier research organization. The people and software features in the video are not that far off from reality.

Obnox/OS looks at Mel and thinks, "User = Victim."
Special thanks to those who worked on the video:
  • Mike Perkins, story concept and 3D animation;
  • Alan Turner, the character Mel;
  • David Spiel, the Office Runner;
  • Rick Migliore, Jamie Gority, and Wanda Mar, in the hallway;
  • Jereme Haack, the Certified Technical Support Help Representative Consultant;
  • Jeff Lettau, the voice of Obnox, in addition to sound recording
You can see the video on YouTube, or access one of the movie files below:
   OBNOX.WMV: Obnox/OS (Windows Media Video, 28MB, 8 min.)
   OBNOX_MAKING.WMV: The Making of Obnox/OS (Windows Media Video, 4MB, 3 min.)
Tip: If you are having troubles playing either movie, try downloading to your computer first. Right-click on the link (or CTRL-click on a Mac) and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...".
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