Customs at PQ Int'l
Winner, 2008 Seattle International Film Festival 3 Minute Masterpieces competition! Read about it and watch the winning entries at The Seattle Times.

Customs Hall
The lines don't look too bad today.
It's late and you want to get to your destination. Long lines and grumpy officials greet you. Your three-piece luggage arrives in 11 pieces. You are randomly selected for hand inspection-- for the third time. But, at this point, somehow you don't care; you crossed over the International Date Line and don't know what month it is. Welcome to PQ International.

This project is composed entirely of hand-drawn animations and backgrounds. I penciled and inked frames on paper, scanned into the computer, colored in Corel Photo-Paint, and composited in 3ds max. I used Adobe Premiere to put all of the pieces together.

The idea came in April 2003 when I had to travel to Europe twice. Long waits in lines and on planes gave ample opportunities to think of ideas for this project. I started drawing frames in Nov. 2003 and finished in April 2004.

Customs at PQ Int'l was voiced by Erich Vorpagel.

Fine dining at PQ Int'l Airport
PQ Int'l Airport offers fine dining.

You can see the video on YouTube, or access one of the movie files below:
   CUST_PQ_HI2.WMV: Customs at PQ Int'l (Windows Media Video (high quality), 8.9MB, 3 min.)
   CUST_PQ_LOW.WMV: Customs at PQ Int'l (Windows Media Video (low quality), 4.4MB, 3 min.)
   CUST_PQ_MAKE.WMV: Making of Customs at PQ Int'l (Windows Media Video, 1.6MB, 1 min.)
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